Anarchiv #3


ANARCHIV#3: songs of love and war does nothing less than to orbit around and pass through the saga of the Nibelungenlied, break down, feed, and reassemble this complex cluster of love and war, by using the tools the artistwin has developed in the past years.

Anarchiv#3: Songs of Love and War engages also in another investigation of the artistwins: how to transform performance by inclusion; how to end with the representation of participation - how to become part of the presentation instead.

So take your time! The performance is not constructed for a central perspective. You will not manage to see and hear everything. There is no over-view: you are in the ANARCHIV. So you can relax, enter the space to spent some time, create your own passage through the material offered and through what is happening. At any moment you can engage in the performance, execute actions, document what is happening, leave a comment, post a statement, look for traces. So that the next performance will contain your traces, will be transformed, will be reformulated.

TextMarcus Steinweg
Live-MusicAlain Franco
PerformerKattrin Deufert, Thomas Plischke, Eva Bernhard, Jasmin Ihrac, Britta Wirthmüller
PhotosAnja Beutler

premiere: March, 30th, 2011, Kampnagel, Hamburg